STUN! update

Since it launched, I’ve tracked visits to the STUN! website ( As you’d expect, the fledgling comic podcast with no marketing hasn’t exactly been putting the stability of the world wide web in any danger. Out of nowhere, I saw a huge spike–the biggest yet–in visits over the past day. The surge came from a mention by Steve Rude in his latest online newsletter. He’s got lots of fans. Lots of them. I appreciate the link, and continue to have nothing but respect for “the Dude.”

I just finished editing the bulk of next week’s “Manga 101″ show with Josh Pool of Tokyopop.

I also confirmed an interview with Eric Wight, “ghost artist” for the “O.C.” television show and man behind “My Dead Girlfriend” for Tokyopop and the Mon-El story in the Action Comics Annual. In no particular order, plan on that interview, the Jill Thompson show, and a NYC con wrapup from Patrick Brower over the next few weeks.

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