Weekend of Horrors

Or, as many prefer to pronounce it, “Weekend of Whores.”

I spent yesterday afternoon at the Wyndham Hotel in Rosemont for Fangoria’s annual Boo-tacular “Weekend of Horrors” convention.

It was nice to go to a con that was navigable, for a change. Wizard World, while having everything a dork could ever dream of, is sometimes just…too much. Lots of humans, little breathing room.

I bought a couple “Night of the Living Dead” comics from the Avatar Press guys, met filmmaker/effects wiz Robert Kurtzman, hung out a bit with Scott Licina from Fangoria Comics, chatted with Val from Fashion Bomb, and saw lots of near-naked goth chicks bring fat guys in Iron Maiden t-shirts to their knees.

Not a bad start to the weekend.

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