STUN update

I think Jill Thompson might’ve completely blown me off. I’m profoundly sad about that.

I’ve spent a lot of time visiting other comic podcasts lately, many of which are excellently-run. One thing I’ve learned in my reconnaissance is that independent comics are GROSSLY underserved by the poderati. Over the past few days, I’ve reached out to a few indies I love, and hope to feature them and their books in the coming weeks.

In “Big Two” news, I’ve finally made some progress in warming up to D.C. Just yesterday I got my first “comp” D.C. Comic in the mail, a copy of “Brave and the Bold” #1. The name on the DHL label was Jeff VanOsdol, but what’s in a name?

Next week’s show will either be a NYC wrap-up from Executive Producer Patrick Brower or an interview with Eric Wight (My Dead Girlfriend), depending on which one takes less time to edit.

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