New Chicago music podcast

I’ve really missed doing a longform local music show, so I decided to start up a new Chicago music podcast called “Chicago Rocks” (just in time for the release of “Chicago Rocked,” I might add).

The tricky thing with podcasts is that playing full songs is expressly forbidden in almost all cases because of mechanical rights issues. With that in mind, “Chicago Rocks” will be an interview show with bands…just not with their music. It’s all about exposure and support, and hopefully the podcast will inspire people to do some investigating on their own.

I’m “soft launching” the podcast right now, as I’m not quite ready to settle in to booking this on a weekly basis. By the end of March, I should be in a regular weekly routine. For now, you can stream the podcast from the Chicago Rocks site (linked below). I’ll be setting up iTunes and Podcast Alley downloads over the next few weeks.

My in-studio guest for Episode One is Shock Stars, the new band fronted by Lucky Boys Confusion vocalist Kaustubh Pandav. Kaustubh and J.J. from the band came in to chat up their just-released EP, their individual resumes, and what their plans are for the future. You can listen at:

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