Transmitter Maintenance, 3/8/07 & 3/9/07

Fall Out Boy “Dead On Arrival” (On Demand Request)
Dave Matthews Band “Don’t Drink the Water” (On Demand Request)
Sugarcubes “Regina”
Soul Coughing “Is Chicago, Is Not Chicago”
Army of Me “Going Through Changes”
Dredg “Same Ol’ Road”
Gang of Four “I Love a Man in Uniform”
Art Brut “Good Weekend”
Replacements “I Will Dare” (On Demand Request)
Primal Scream “Rocks Off”
The Delgados “All You Need to Hate”
The Pretenders “Wait”

The The “Love is Stronger than Death”
Buzzcocks “What Ever Happened”
Bloc Party “Hunting for Witches”
Local H “Mayonnaise and Malaise” (On Demand Request)
Rage Against the Machine “Calm Like a Bomb” (On Demand Request)
Kill Gordon “In the Know”
St. Johnny “Scuba Diving”
The Bravery “Time Won’t Let Me Go”
Light Silver Automatic “Pistol”
Atari Teenage Riot “Deutschland”
Sevendust “Enemy”
Rainer Maria “Ears Ring”
Possum Dixon “Emergency’s About to End”

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