Each week, the Q101 D.J.’s submit custom “iMixes” to the iTunes Music Store on I’ve actually been putting some effort into my choices, and figured it wouldn’t hurt to give them some extra attention here. For some regional fun, you can go back and check out my Canada, Japan, and Australian iMixes. If all goes according to plan, my Grunge iMix should be available for download by Wednesday ( Here’s what I just submitted:

1. 7 Year Bitch “Hip Like Junk”
2. The Gits “While You’re Twisting…”
3. Nirvana “Frances Farmer…”
4. Mother Love Bone “Stardog Champion
“5. Screaming Trees “Halo of Ashes”
6. Babes in Toyland “Mother”
7. Alice in Chains “God Smack”
8. Mudhoney “Touch Me I’m Sick”
9. Hole “Violet”
10. Pearl Jam “Animal”
11. L7 “Stuck Here Again”
12. Soundgarden “Outshined”
13. Melvins “Revolve”
14. Seaweed “Card Tricks”

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