Spoiler warnings apply!

I usually complain about shows with blatant plot holes or developments that pin the “there’s-no-way-in-hell-that-could-happen”-o-meter. In spite of myself, I’ve totally dismissed those concerns with the latest season of “24.”

The fact that small aircraft is allowed to fly on the same day that coordinated terrorist attacks, including the detonation of a suitcase nuke, took out targets across the U.S.? Sure. Makes sense.

The fact that President Logan was merely under house arrest after defiling the White House all last season with his criminal atrocities? Of course.

The fact that Morris is back at his desk after being tortured…with a drill? It’s for the good of the country.

And the fact that Jack Bauer, only 12 hours after being sprung from months of torture in a Chinese prison, has had time to break into the Russian Embassy, torture his brother with a plastic bag, kill Curtis, negotiate his “nephew’s” release, and chop off a fat dude’s finger? Are you kidding me? He’s Jack Freaking Bauer. Chuck Norris would pass out if he came in contact with so much as a drop of Jack’s ball sweat.

This week’s show was a really good one. Logan’s stabbing was a total surprise. Powers Boothe is a much more charismatic President than Palmer #2. The Silver Spoons guy went for Morris’s throat. The drone’s ready to go. And the season’s only half-over…

How could anyone pay too much attention to the inconsistencies and ludicrous twists? The show is way more enjoyable without a silly thing like scrutiny getting in the way.

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