Lock Mess

The lock on my driver’s side door has turned on me. Last week, I was unable to open it from inside or outside my car. I had to enter and exit through the passenger side, which was a comedic blend of kicking the cup holder, smashing into the steering wheel, and getting footprints on the windshield. After a few days of hilarity, the lock started working again.

Cut to last night on my way to work. After stopping for coffee at the Caribou by Clark and Diversey, I got back in my car and the door wouldn’t close. It bounced open. After some fidgeting, I got it closed and then drove to the Merchandise Mart. Once parked, I realized that my door was again unopenable, leading me to kick the cup holder, smash into the steering wheel, and put my footprints on the windshield.

I’d love to be a responsible car owner and say that I’m going to the mechanic as soon as he opens, but it’s 4 a.m. right now and I’ve been up for the better part of the past 24 hours. I may be kicking the cup holder for a few more days.

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