For the past two months, Skype has thwarted me in every phoner I recorded for “STUN!” The VOIP service mangled, stretched out, and interrupted my interviewees’ words in horrible ways that required hours in post-production to clean up.

In need of help, I’d searched the Skype forums, which aren’t all that busy or helpful. I searched the internet and found endless jargon-heavy blogs that pushed me into complete intellectual shutdown. Finally, I ran across a blog this morning that mentioned a packet number (found in advanced preferences) that Skype should be running with. I checked mine and realized that it was way off. Worse, I couldn’t change it. Out of ideas, my last ditch effort was to upgrade my Skype to the version released two months ago. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best–it instantly solved my problem.

I recorded my Jim Lawson interview one hour later, and the call was crystal clear and without a single setback. After hanging up, I cursed the fact that I had to endure hideous phone quality for interviews with Eric Wight, Marv Wolfman, and John Jackson Miller. At least things will be better in the future.

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