New iMix on

I just submitted my latest iMix to the iTunes Music Store curator. It should be up within 48 hours.

Stripped down and ready for Spring
So long, Winter, and thanks for a suckfest of a February. Spring’s here, and with it a breezy mix of acoustic-based songs to aid in your lakefront jog or patio chair lounging.

Nick Drake “Pink Moon”
The Shins “New Slang”
Nirvana “Where Did You Sleep Last Night”
Ani Di Franco “Outta Me, Onto You”
Elliott Smith “Waltz, No. 2″
Iron & Wine “Naked As…”
The Jam “That’s Entertainment”
Incubus “Drive”
Johnny Cash “Folsom Prison Blues”
Mazzy Star “Halah”
Guster “Fa Fa”
Sublime “What I Got”
Billy Bragg “Waiting for the Great Leap Forward”

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