New home for STUN!

The short version of this post:

The long version:

The way STUN! is strung together is a huge headache. Follow along, if you will:

-I record the interview on Garageband, then upload it to iTunes. Once in iTunes, I convert the file to MP3.

-I then take the MP3 and upload it to Odeo, which takes forever. Making matters worse, it’s not dependable. I’ve tried for the past two days to upload something to Odeo, and it simply won’t register. Worse, Odeo support hasn’t responded to my emails.

-Once in Odeo, I take the code from the MP3 location and open up WordPress. Once there, I take the Odeo code and embed it into a post. I then duplicate that post and create a separate page on WordPress.

It’s a pain, and enough to drive me into the arms of another. Enter Mypodcast. Another free service, they’ve created a streamlined, “one stop” site that allows listeners to listen and download from the same site. On the back end, they make lots of things easier for the not-so-tech savvy, including an iTunes submission form that makes dressing up a podcast for iTunes a breeze.

I’m slowly–and I mean slowly–going to transition over to Mypodcast. It’s just going to be simpler for both you and I. I’ll continue to update, provided I can ever get Odeo to update again. I have no idea how to switch iTunes RSS feeds, but it’s on my “list” of things to do. Thanks for your patience and continued support.

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