I have to give full credit to the spammers of today. They continue to find new ways to get me to take the bait. For instance, I just got an email at my account with the subject header “Modest Mouse and Johnny Marr.” I fully expected it to be a disgruntled long-time Modest Mouse fan decrying the influence of the former Smiths guitarist. I wasn’t even close. Here’s what followed:

<<are you aware of the biggest Wave Sweeping the Telecom
industry right now? It’s called VOIP and it’s taking the
sector by Storm. We are bringing you an Amazing Play that
is Right in the Thick of the business.

This winner is Peopleline Telecom (PPTM). As with all Tech
plays it’s about Catching that Rising Star on the Ground
floor and riding it Up.

PPTM is in just such a position. Trading at around 30
cents with Astounding news on the way, this is one play you
can’t afford to miss! The Upcoming news and Promotion is
going to see this one at around $1.00 in no time!>>

Bravo. While I wasn’t convinved to invest in Peopleline Telecom, I totally admire the backdoor way they got their message to me.

Of course, only seconds later, I got a spam email that read:

T*** f****** and gets f***** c******.

I love you, world wide web.

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