“24”: Awful.

I grudgingly played along with a lot of the “you’ve gotta be kidding me” ridiculousness of the past few weeks of “24,” but it was last week’s “Very Special Episode” that effectively killed the rest of the season for me. To recap, that was the episode where Jack had to befriend a mentally handicapped savant in order to capture Gredenko. It was like watching “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” and “the Peacemaker” at the same time–only without the benefit of Leonardo DiCaprio or Nicole Kidman.

The awfulness of that episode forced me to look at the season and last night’s episode more critically, and last night’s episode was another clunker. The power struggle between Palmer and Daniels doesn’t make any sense, nor does the about-face from Palmer at the end of the episode. And furthermore, Palmer was in a coma TWO HOURS AGO in “24″ time. That’s like being in a Chinese prison and only hours later cheating death, torturing your brother, and breaking into the Russian Embassy.

I’ve had enough of the interrogation scenes, too. At this point, when I hear Jack say, “You’re going to tell me what I need to know,” I roll my eyes and wait for the “SAW” moment to be over.

I thought for sure when the suitcase nuke went off early in the season that this was going to be the season. I was wrong. Like the interrogation scenes, I’m now starting to think that “24″ has overstayed its welcome. Bring on the movie prequels.

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