I’m done with “24”…who’s with me?

“24″ hasn’t been content to merely jump the shark; it’s now actively taunting the shark, poking at it with a sharp, briny, stick.

Last night’s episode was bad to the point of being funny. I swear, Jack Bauer must’ve been drinking protein shakes while in that Chinese prison. How else to explain his ability to call CTU while clinging to the undercarriage of a truck that’s speeding down the road at 60 mph?

Other lowlights? Here are my bullet points (appropriate for a show with such a huge body count):
-Milo (pictured). Suck it up and get to work. And how about a shave? Grunge is dead.
-CTU sure put together that “fake terrorist rescue” plan in a stunning amount of time.
-Palmer’s gamble. Wait a minute, he was able to imagine and implement the fake warhead nuclear brinksmanship ploy only a couple hours after being revived from a coma and only an hour after he was almost removed from office? Really?
-The end of the nuclear suitcase story. Talk about an anti-climax.

Now that the nuclear plotline has wrapped up, the season is twisting back to where we all assumed it was going to start in the first place–with the Chinese. Ooooh, Audrey’s still alive! Uh-oh, Jack’s gotta go it alone against the scheming Chinese!

I’m going to DVR the rest of the season, but I’m no longer in a hurry to make sure I see “24″ live on Monday night anymore.

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