Hit the road

I made plans this past Tuesday to meet two old friends for lunch who I haven’t seen much over the past couple of years because of my overnight schedule. I was excited to see them…I was excited just to have an excuse to get out of the house.

I hit Lake Shore Drive just as my iPod shuffle made an uncomfortable transition from “Holy Tears” by Isis into “Adult Education” from Hall and Oates. Within seconds I heard an even more unsettling sound, like something scraping my car. I thought I’d somehow sideswiped another car, but quickly realized that there weren’t any cars within striking distance. The driver two lanes over pointed to me and mouthed something through his window, telling me in his pantomime way what I’d already figured out–something not-so-good had just happened to my car.

I quickly changed lanes and got off at Lawrence, parking my car in the first available spot on Marine Drive. When I got out, I learned that my tailpipe and muffler had broken free and were hanging by a rusty thread. I cancelled lunch and called my mechanic.

After getting fired two weeks ago and having my car fall apart on me this week, I await with great anticipation what next week will bring.

By the way, I wanted to find a picture of a tailpipe to accompany my posting on Blogger.com, so I searched Google for “tailpipe picture.” Please don’t make the same mistake. In clicking a few links, I discovered an entire world of disturbing images previously unknown to me.

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