How a man with lots of new found free time spends it

I decided that the weather was too perfect to ignore, so I laid out and dozed on a lawn chair. I woke up every 20 minutes or so and tried on those occasions to read some more of “Black Order” by James Rollins. After two and a half hours, I peeled myself off the chair and took myself inside for a shower. By nightfall, my skin was virtually smoking, like it had been massaged by the Man-Thing (”Whatever knows fear burns at the Man-Thing’s touch”). Yes, I used sunblock. No, not nearly enough. Lesson learned. I’m not going outside in anything less than a hoodie and corduroys for the rest of the Spring and Summer.

“The Hills Have Eyes” on DVR!

Another perfect weather day. I knew better than to lay out, so I decided to do something “fitness-y.” My idea? An uber-walk. I used to love going for long walks when I had the time. When I did nights at Q101 in the late ’90s, I’d walk to the Merchandise Mart from my Ravenswood apartment at least once a week in the summertime. I haven’t gone on many long walks since then, so I took advantage of my open schedule to take one on Wednesday. I created a nice long iPod playlist with incongruous bands like the Afghan Whigs and Fairyland, and got walking. And walking. I realized once I decided to turn around that I’d already gone too far. As I got to the end of my walk, a mile or so from home, the balls of my feet felt like they were being gnawed on by weasels. When I got home, I (gently) removed my shoes and walked on my tippytoes to the kitchen, where I grabbed a vitamin water (Dragonfruit). It took me a good 30 minutes to cool down enough to shower. Before the day was over, I logged on to to get an idea of how far I’d walked. 10.5 miles. Impressive and utterly stupid all at the same time.

My shins and feet took turns aching for most of the day. Drove to Wisconsin and got squeezed into single-lane road construction hell just past Gurnee.

Most common conversation starter of the past two days: “So, James…you got some color this week, huh?”

“Casino Royale” on DVD! Awesome!

(Picture) Man-Thing #1, Marvel Comics

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