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“Wasteland” is one of those books you might’ve seen, but chose to pass up in favor of another overblown, commerce over art, weekly or monthly superhero title. Next time you visit your local comic book shop, “STUN!” urges you to reconsider.

The post-apocalyptic (or post-”Big Wet,” if you prefer) title presents a tense, broadly-conceived, and darkly-imagined America. Writer Antony Johnston has come up with some big ideas, and Illinois artist Chris Mitten has provided indelible images to back them up.

This week on the show, “STUN!” talks with Mitten about “Wasteland,” his technique, and the not-so-subtle music fandom behind “Wasteland.”

For those new to the title, Oni Press has the first issue available for free download:

Also: Jaime Black with another “One Shot Review!”

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Executive Producer Patrick Brower has designed a new, easy-to-use, site for STUN:

Also, I just learned that my old MP3 host, Odeo, is working again. Because the old STUN site still shows up in Google searches, I’ve decided to bring it back up to speed as a “mirror site”:

Artist Norm Breyfogle!

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