STUN! update (cool news about next week, too)!

THIS WEEK: Norm Breyfogle


Though Batman’s been around for almost 70 years, the list of artists who helped define him is shockingly small: Neal Adams. Jim Aparo. Marshall Rogers. Add to the list one Norm Breyfogle, whose work on Detective, Batman, and Shadow of the Bat stands as some of the best Batman storytelling of the past 25 years (with extra special credit going to Breyfogle’s frequent collaborator, writer Alan Grant).

Breyfogle’s broad list of credits also includes “Prime” for the Malibu Ultraverse and the criminally underrated “Hellcat” mini for Marvel. STUN! is a huge fan of Norm’s and remains perplexed as to why the “big two” aren’t stumbling over themselves to give him work.

Breyfogle talks this week about Batman, working with Alan Grant, and the sad reality of work drying up for him at the onset of the 21st century. Go to Norm’s website to learn more (and buy some of his art while you’re there, too)!:


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