What’s new? Um…nothing, really.

Theoretically, I should be blogging lots more these days because I have tons of extra time on my hands. Theoretically.

These days, I’m keeping a very low profile and trying to stay away from things that cost me money. That combination has left me with scant few stories or worldly observations.

Some thoughts and experiences from the past week:

Blue Oyster Cult-I interviewed B.O.C. lead singer Eric Bloom this week for next week’s episode of my web-only dorkfest, “STUN!” If only you could flash back to see the 12-year old James VanOsdol, sitting in his bedroom spinning “Fire of Unknown Origin” for the first time, you’d know how excited I was to do the interview.

Paris Hilton-She and other US Magazine favorites like Britney Spears are exactly why the terrorists hate us. And while it pains me to sympathize for the stuck-up snatch, the drama of going home one day and then being dragged back to prison the next is as close to hell on earth as I can imagine.

Music-I’ve been listening to lots of frightening metal lately. Lots. Dark Tranquility tops this week’s list.

Sun and books-Getting fired has provided me with a wonderful summer vacation (though it’s been a vacation without the petty cash to buy souvenirs with). My yard and lawn chair have played host to an almost-daily book reading routine. I’m almost done with Vince Flynn’s latest and have a few cool apocalyptic fiction titles waiting in the wings.

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip-I was a fan when it debuted. After the past few episodes, its cancellation makes perfect sense.

More as it comes to me…

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