Blue Oyster Cult podcast now online

Because “STUN” needed “more cowbell”…

Consider “STUN” humbled and awed by the fact that Eric Bloom of Blue Oyster Cult wanted to be part of the show.

For 35 years, Blue Oyster Cult has occupied a unique and exclusive position in rock history; that of being a smart and literate hard rock band whose transparent love of science fiction and the paranormal helped define their sound and image. And speaking of image, the “Kronos” hook-and-cross symbol has just gotta be one of rock’s coolest icons ever. “STUN” spent most of its junior high and high school years scribbling it onto notebooks and carving it into wooden desktops.

Of course, Blue Oyster Cult secured their place in history by writing one of the greatest rock and roll songs of all time (”Don’t Fear the Reaper,” natch). Going beyond “Reaper,” there are the riffs…those fist-pumping guitar sounds that provide the backbone to B.O.C. standards like “E.T.I.,” “Godzilla,” and “Cities on Flame.” “STUN” is equally excited by Blue Oyster Cult songs whose lyrics tell stories with great, thought-provoking images. See “Veteran of the Psychic Wars,” “Astronomy,” and “Transmaniacon M.C.” for further study.

Blue Oyster Cult will be all over the U.S. this summer. If you happen to be in range of the “STUN” studios in the Chicago area, B.O.C. will be at the Naperville Ribfest on 7/1 and doing a handful of dates in Wisconsin (including Summerfest).

Bloom talked with “STUN” about the band’s longevity, science fiction, Doctor Strange, current reads, and that “SNL” sketch that brought the band to the top of the 21st century pop culture buzz phrase elite.

Also this week: Executive Producer Patrick Brower, General Manager of Graham Crackers Comics in Chicago’s Loop, gives a retail update. Is “Countdown” selling like “52?” Are people excited about the post-”Civil War” Marvel Universe? Booster Gold? World War Hulk?

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