Gotham Police and downtown parking

I leave early for work on Saturday and Sunday nights in the vain hope of finding a street parking spot. The Prudential Building offers a weekend rate of $13–a steal by downtown standards, but when you’re only working twice a week, every dollar counts.

I drove up and down every area street before my 8 p.m. airshift. Some of the old reliable street spots had been transformed into No Parking zones for the next week, due to filming going on in the area. On my final pass, I drove down to Lower Wacker and Stetson and saw a long line of movie crew trucks. Seconds later, I saw a rack of costumes that clued me in to what exactly was being filmed. The black costumes read
“Gotham Police.” Motherfucking Batman is in the neighborhood!

I’m suddenly in no hurry to go home at 12 a.m.

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