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Patrick Brower with a Wizard World Philadelphia recap

“It seemed small. It felt small.”
-Patrick Brower on Wizard World Philadelphia

“STUN” Executive Producer Patrick Brower returned from Wizard World Philadelphia with a complete rundown of this year’s (lackluster) convention.

As “STUN” listened to Patrick’s report, we couldn’t help but wonder…in a day and age when you can buy commissions and original art direct from the artists and key issues straight from places like Ebay and, is it all that necessary to even attend cons? “STUN” thinks that any alternative to paying for parking, getting crammed into a space with hundreds of sweaty fans over a hot summer weekend, and seeing Lou Ferrigno’s career in rapid freefall from close up is worth investigating. True, not going to a convention means you don’t get to hear hilarious creator interplay on panels or have the opportunity to dress as the Scarlet Witch for all to see, but…


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Matt Anderson of “White Picket Fences”

We follow up with Matt Anderson, co-creator of the fantastic “White Picket Fences” mini from Ape. We learn whether his expectations were met when the title was released, what’s in store for he and “White Picket Fences” in the future, and how an independent book should be marketed.

This is a rare chance to follow the paths of a creator and a new title from the very beginning, and STUN! is thrilled to offer the play-by-play.

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