Today is June 22, 2007, and

I start work on Monday, meaning my Summer vacation of reading, grilling my lunches, and lounging outside is at an end. As luxurious as it’s been to have fewer demands on my time and life, truth is I prefer working. It’s not even a money thing; I just like working–that feeling that I’m being productive in a regular routine, and aiming towards goals both personal and professional. I’m looking forward to the next stage of my career; the morning drive commute on the El, not so much.

To wrap up my two-month, off-the-grid, experience, I’ll be heading to U.S. Cellular Field for the Crosstown Classic later this afternoon.

As for what I’ve been doing lately, well…nothing all that exciting. I finished a few books. I’m halfway through an end-of-society-as-we-know-it book called “Black Monday” by R. Scott Reiss. I went to the batting cages yesterday. In the interest of full disclosure, regardless of perceptual damage to myself, my arms and sides are a little sore today because of the batting cages. Perhaps I’m not as fit as I should be.

For those who follow “STUN,” I posted two new episodes this week: a follow-up with Matt Anderson, co-creator of “White Picket Fences,” and a Wizard World Philadelphia recap with Patrick Brower. In just over a week, I’ll publish an episode that will feature Model Operandi co-creator and prolific Marvel Comics letterer Joe Caramagna. Recent comics I’ve enjoyed include the Sub-Mariner mini, Justice League/Justice Society, and Shadowpact. Countdown isn’t as bad as I’ve read some people say on various message boards. World War Hulk, however…

I’m toying with the idea of doing a podcast around the release of “Chicago Rocked.” I have a few concepts in mind, and will think more about it in a month or so.

Musically, I’ve been listening to Polyphonic Spree, Only Crime, the National, the Rakes, and lots more metal like Nocturnal Rites and Impious. The new Velvet Revolver stuff sounds awful. I still hate the White Stripes. And anything that needs to be explained with the words “American” and “Idol” should be wiped clean from the face of the earth.

One final note: I watched “American Inventor” on ABC a couple nights ago. Maybe my mind has atrophed over these past couple months, but I got to the end of it and said, “this is the best show ever.”

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