Movies, music, books, T.V., and more–some quick thoughts

“Ocean’s Thirteen”-Saw it over the weekend. I enjoy “caper” movies, and loved the original(remake) “Ocean’s Eleven.” “Thirteen” wasn’t nearly as good as “Eleven.” It wasn’t as good as “Twelve,” for that matter. It really wasn’t good at all. And yet, I liked it.

“Dirty Martini” by J.A. Konrath-I just finished an advance copy (it comes out next week) of the latest “Jack Daniels” mystery. J.A. has an almost unnerving way of mixing humor and sociopathic villains. “Martini’”s bad guy, the Chemist, is as frightening as any serial killer James Patterson’s dreamed up. Some of the characters are too over-the-top for my taste (recurring anti-hero Harry McGlade, Jack Daniel’s girly-girl partner, the records keeper), but most are in and out quick enough to not leave a mark.

“Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein, Book One: Prodigal Son”-I loved it. Doctor Frankenstein lives (in New Orleans, no less)! The monster lives (bouncing around from circuses to monasteries, of course)!. Fun update of the Frankenstein legend.

Smashing Pumpkins MySpace tribute CD
-No, no, no.

Guadalcanal Diary “2×4″-I loved my vinyl copy in the late ’80s, which ended up lost over the course of who-knows-how-many moves. The CD version has been out of print forever, and I’d resisted the $40+ prices I’d seen on Ebay for an original pressing. “2×4″ was just released by iTunes, and I instantly clicked to buy once I saw it there. Nostalgia’s a funny thing–things you thought you loved tend to disappoint when you revisit them after many years apart. This album is a perfect example. Ho hum.

The El-Sat next to a derelict yesterday who reeked of grain alcohol. Squeezed myself in a seat shared by the Grimace today. Commuting is a delight.

Traveler” on ABC-I’ve been told that I need to watch it. I DVR’d it last night.

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