Some updates and thoughts:

It’s on a bit of a forced break right now, as I wait to resolve some home computer issues. I hope to have a new episode up with a week or two (okay, maybe three). I’ll post here when there’s something new to listen to! Thanks for your patience

I’ve toyed with the idea of expanding STUN beyond being exclusively about comics to being a bit more of a pop culture interview podcast (comics, music, books, t.v., etc.). I’d love to know your thoughts–

You wouldn’t believe how difficult it is to get interviews with comic creators these days, even close to a year after “STUN” first launched. With the sole exceptions of Dark Horse and Devil’s Due, I’ve yet to be taken seriously by any comic book company, large or small. I’ve left voice mails and/or emails with the following: D.C., Marvel, Image, Dynamite, Aspen, Virgin, Top Cow, Kitchen Sink, Avatar, even Ape Entertainment. Nothing. It adds to the challenge, for sure. I’ve been completely blown off by people like Peter David, Jill Thompson, and Bill Sienkiewicz. As popular as the podcasting medium has become, there’s still a great deal of old school thinking out there. All the more reason to appreciate it when comic “names” like Alex Ross, Ed Brubaker, Marv Wolfman, Brad Meltzer, and Norm Breyfogle come on the show. And all the more reason to appreciate having the able-bodied behind-the-scenes help of Executive Producer Patrick Brower.

As a parent, I can safely say that I’d never take a child to a potential murderer’s home for a pool party. Furthermore, I wouldn’t wear my fetching two-piece bikini when there. I’m sure there’s a great deal more to the Amy Jacobson story that we simply don’t know. At the very least, she’s an awful parent.

I finally got the two disc Swedish metal magnum opus. It won’t convince metal-haters to rethink their position, but I just love this album. Recommended: “Son at the Staves of Time.”

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