You want Freys with that shake?

I made my weekly trip to the library on Sunday, loading up on new books, graphic novels, and CD’s. As I headed out the door, anvil-heavy book bag under my arm, the front alarm sounded. Apparently, I’d walked out with something that wasn’t properly checked out. People stared. I walked sheepishly back to the checkout desk. “Did you check out ‘Eagles Greatest Hits, Volume 2′,” the librarian asked. Ummmm…crap. The answer was “yes.” I instantly realized that I’d left the disc in my book bag by accident. “Yeah, sorry,” I said, producing the CD.

Not only do I have to live with the sad, dark, shame of taking out an Eagles CD for some deep-rooted desire to own “The Long Run,” there are now others who are aware of my shame. Yes, I also took out the new Megadeth album, “United Abominations,” in the same visit, but that wasn’t the disc that tripped an alarm.

“Cause all the debutantes in Houston, baby, couldn’t hold a candle to you.” I know, I know. It’s awful.

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