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I just finished “Takedown” by Brad Thor, a jingoistic novel about a terrorist attack in…New York City. The characters were as good as created by the United States Marines Publicity Department. Retarded plot twists, terrible premise, awful characters (including a sinister dwarf named “THE TROLL”). I read the whole thing. I suck.

I also re-read “I Am Legend,” something I haven’t touched since high school. I wanted to read it again to prepare for Will Smith’s cinematic turn as Robert Neville. Simply put, “I Am Legend” is one of my favorite books ever, a bleak story of the last man “alive,” struggling to exist in a world gone vampiric. From its well-thought out apocalyptic concepts to its story-defining ending, there’s no way Hollywood can’t ruin it.

I’ve had major computer trouble at home, which has totally inhibited my ability to create a new episode. Things should be fixed by mid-August. In the meantime, correspondent Jaime Black may guest-host an episode. When I do return to the show, I will finally post a long-overdue interview with mystery/thriller author J.A. Konrath.

The Simpsons
I’m going on Saturday.

Chicago Rocked

New information coming soon.

I loved Rush when I was in junior high. I thought Alex Lifeson was a guitar god. And Neil Peart…he was the supreme ruler of the drum kit, and those lyrics about all things mystic and far-flung made my pre-teen mind reel. By the time I was in high school, I became more interested in “alternative” bands like R.E.M. and the Smiths. My too-cool-for-school attitude prevented me from looking back at Rush with anything other than a derisive sneer. Over the past few years, I very slowly and secretly have started buying back the Rush catalog. In my private time, I’ve marveled at “Hemispheres” and “Xanadu.” I even downloaded the new album, “Snakes & Arrows.” I feel no shame. I already have plans to listen to “Jacob’s Ladder” on my way home tonight.

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