Dead or “Alive?”

Pearl Jam’s “Contempt for the Non-Hardcore fan” tour rolled into the Vic last night. I wasn’t there–I was much too busy eating pizza and reading the latest issue of “Thor” at home–but man, I would’ve wanted to kill myself had I been there. Check out the setlist:

“All or None”
“In Hiding”
“I’m Open”
“Off He Goes”
“Hard To Imagine”
“Gods’ Dice”
“World Wide Suicide”
“Why Go”

Encore 1:
“No More”
“Inside Job”
“Low Light”
“Love Reign O’er Me”

Encore 2:
“Black Diamond”
“Sonic Reducer”
“Indifference” (w/ Ben Harper)

Woof. Even the most enthusiastic, B-side collecting, Pearl Jam superfan had to have thought that setlist was brutal.

Every setlist has to have a handful of palate-cleaners; last night’s featured “Wishlist.” I’m not even suggesting that they should’ve played “big hits” like “Even Flow” or “Daughter.” Something like “Rearview Mirror” or “Hail Hail” would’ve been enough of a treat in the context of last night’s show.

There’s a chance that the band will roll out something more…palatable…for their Lollapalooza-closing set on Sunday, though I doubt it. Pearl Jam has always done whatever they’ve wanted, regardless of expectations placed upon them.

Sunday’s weather calls for sun, humidity, and a heat index that could peak out near 104. Ticket prices for Lollapalooza are just short of a fleecing. If you’re just going to the festival to see Pearl Jam, consider this post your caveat emptor.

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