Lord of the Wings Book Two

Some of that post-9/11 paranoia popped back into my head when I walked down the terminal aisle. As I saw people with wide, honest smiles on their faces rush from the gate into the arms of loved ones, I cynically concluded that the smiles weren’t triggered by the sight of people they knew. Instead, I assumed the visible glee stemmed from a sudden “Holy crap, I’m still alive” realization.

The physics of air travel still confuse me. The fact that something as large and heavy as an airplane can stay aloft for hours on end is no less understandable to me than mind-reading or shape-shifting. Rather than dwell on that fact, I distracted myself with a book I’d meant to read for years, Michael Moorcock’s “Behold the Man.” Time travel–now that makes sense to me.

To be continued…

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