No fun! “STUN” done!

As of today, “STUN,” the comic book podcast I’ve hosted since October, 2006, is no more.

It was tough to come to this conclusion, but inevitably I decided to quit while I was ahead. As I try to balance a personal life with a career, work on “STUN” has become a huge frustration. Booking a show like this has been, and remains, incredibly difficult. None of the major companies have responded to my calls or email, nor have a vast majority of the creators I reached out to. Given that, I’m incredibly indebted to those who played along and agreed to be on “STUN.” I greatly enjoyed spending time with each and every one of my guests, and I hope they had fun being on. The roll call:

Abbinanti, Sal
Akins, Tony (2x)
Anderson, Matt (2x)
Andrews, Kaare
Blaylock, Josh
Bloom, Eric (Blue Oyster Cult)
Breyfogle, Norm
Brubaker, Ed
Caramagna, Joe
Castellucci, Cecil
Cooke, Darwyn
Farritor, Micah
Grogan, Walt
Hall, Jason
Hutchins, Eric
Irvine, Alex
Lawson, Jim
Licina, Scott
McCloud, Scott
McLauchlin, Jim
Meltzer, Brad
Miller, John Jackson
Mitten, Chris
Palmiotti, Jimmy
Pandav, Kaustubh (Shock Stars)
Pool, Josh
Ross, Alex
Rude, Steve “The Dude”
Seeley, Tim
T.J. (Spitalfield)
Truman, Timothy
Wight, Eric
Wolfman, Marv
Young, Skottie

Thanks also to Jaime Black, who did an exceptional job as reviewer/correspondent for the show.

Huge, huge, huge, HUGE thanks to Executive Producer Patrick Brower. Patrick appeared multiple times as a guest on the show, helped book guests, designed the logo, built and maintained the MySpace page, and evangelized the podcast far beyond any means I was capable of. If there’s a “hero” to be named from this comic book podcast, Patrick’s the guy.

Thanks to everyone who listened and gave “STUN” a chance. Given the show’s very niche appeal, the fact that anyone listened (and at times, there were a lot of you), is incredible. Thank you for your support. will stay live for the foreseeable future, as I can’t see any real reason to take it down.

As for me, I’m taking the free time I have and throwing it into writing. I hope to have a progress report on “Chicago Rocked” soon, and I’m actively working on a few other projects.

Thanks for listening,
James VanOsdol

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