You know that part in a slasher movie when the victimized female eludes the bad guy and then crouches in a corner to catch her breath? She gets a false sense of security as she calms her body down, hearing and seeing nothing around her. Then, without warning, the bad guy comes ripping through the wall with a chainsaw, hell-bent on ripping her head off.

That false sense of security is similar to what I felt regarding mice in my home. It looked for several days like everything was clear and rodent-free. Then, last Thursday night, I spotted a green turd in front of my couch. Green is a good color in that it means the mouse has digested poison. Even so, I’m cringing over the fact that there’s at least one (there’s never just one) mouse in my house. Orkin is coming by later to bring their weapons of mouse destruction. This time, I mean it…


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