Quick thoughts

I spent last week in Austin, Texas on business. I’ve always thought Austin was a cool town—kind of a cross between Boulder, CO and Lawrence, KS. It was very humid there, like underpants-glued-to-buttocks humid, though I far prefer that to any weather situation which can be described with the words “windchill factor.”

At a friend’s suggestion, I spent time at Waterloo Records and Bookpeople. Waterloo had aisles of temptations, though my need to hear new music “NOW, NOW, NOW” would have gone unfulfilled all week without a CD player. Instead, I loaded up on books and things at Bookpeople, the best indie bookstore ever (like Border’s, only with a better floor layout and much more interesting choices).

I went to see “Michael Clayton” (by myself, sad as it sounds) at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin. It started strong, but totally dragged in the middle. I was getting close to writing it off altogether, but the end was nothing but payoff. Love that Clooney.

I rented “Transformers” and only got halfway through it. I had no idea it’d be THAT awful.

Just finished this week’s Newsweek cover story on the Amazon Kindle. I resisted digital books at first, but this is probably the device that’ll pull me in. Like the iPod when it first launched, I’m sure the technology and price will only improve as months and years go on. No rush, but it’s pretty cool.

I was one of the many who didn’t pay for the Radiohead album. Money well spent.

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