“Chicago Rocked”

Time for a long-overdue update on the book I’ve been working on since 2005.

As of late last year, I parted ways with Lake Claremont Press, and the book’s publishing date was accordingly postponed. I made a decision at that point to take a break from “Chicago Rocked,” and put it on the shelf for a while. 

I opened it back up this past January. After not looking at the manuscript for a few months, I had the benefit of diving in with a fresh outlook. That outlook drove me to start rewriting it in prose (as opposed to oral history) form. I was curious as to how it would read, and I suddenly had plenty of time to explore the idea. I knew almost from the moment I started that I’d made a good call–I’m extremely happy with the way it’s been coming together, and I hope to have the new version done by July. 

So what does this mean to you, the patient, occasional viewer of my blog? A few things:

1) The title “Chicago Rocked: An Oral History of Chicago Music in the 1990s” will likely change.
2) The publisher is unknown at this point. What’s more, how this book gets published isn’t even something I’m thinking about right now. I’ll figure that out once this version is complete.
3) The insane amount of interviews I conducted for “Chicago Rocked” will still define the book. I’ve collected and transcribed a lot of amazing stories and quotes from 90s acts both large and small, and they’re the backbone of my manuscript. Plan on reading about everyone from Albini to Zucker (Justin Zucker from Rock Star Club).
4) It’ll be worth the wait. I swear.

Thanks for your continued support and patience. The ’90s were an incredible time for music; especially so here in Chicago. The artists who created music during that time deserve a cultural epitaph. I’m carving it into stone as you read this.

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