Sock it to Shellhead

I saw “Iron Man” two weeks ago (opening weekend, natch). To echo much of what’s been said already, it’s a must-see action flick. The worst that can be said about the film is that the evolution of its “bad guy” is painfully obvious and an otherwise-weak plot point. Credit to Jeff Bridges for taking the balsa wood-strong storyline and using genuine acting talent to make it work.

As for Robert Downey Jr., I left “Iron Man” with the goal of being him when I grow up. Or something like him, minus the heroin and cocaine. And “Ally McBeal.”

I’m also one of a growing legion of total dorks who had to stay through the credits for the 90-second bone they threw at the end. I knew what was coming (I seem to go out of my way to spoil these moments for myself), but I still got a hair-standing-on-end thrill from the cameo and what was said in it.

Looking forward to seeing my teammates in the Legion of Total Dorks at “The Dark Knight.” And “The Incredible Hulk.” And “Hellboy II.” 

…oh, and how about that trailer for the “Happening?” I can’t imagine it’ll be anywhere near as gripping as the trailer, which is easily the most tense and engaging trailer currently playing for a summer movie. I pray that Shyamalan has rediscovered his mojo.

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