Recent Reads

“Empire” Orson Scott Card
I picked this one up in paperback while waiting for a flight to Oklahoma City. The premise was catchy enough–what if America threw itself into a 21st Century Civil War? Good question, especially in our modern “Red State/Blue State” state of mind. The problem with “Empire” is that OSC (a very talented and heavyweight sci-fi novelist) is clearly biased towards the right…the far right. It’s a fact that saturates the corners of every page of the book. The concept behind “Empire” warranted a much more sweeping sense of moral ambiguity.

“Seven Soldiers of Victory” Grant Morrison (graphic novel trade paperbacks)
Grant Morrison is a much-lauded comics scribe whose work I find more irritatingly dense than entertaining. I wrote off his six-title, 24-issue, connected miniseries opus when it first hit the stands a few years back. It was just too much work. Now that the material’s been poured into tidy TPB form, I went back and read it all in order and found it immensely satisfying. Some comics are meant to be read in the trade format, and this maxi series of mini series is one of them.

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