Good Morning, Fort Myers

I’m blogging on my Blackberry again, this time from the palm tree-framed Fort Myers. Not surprisingly, the O’Hare-bound flight is the only one in the airport that’s delayed. Makes me ecstatic that I woke up at 4 a.m.(That’s 3 a.m. Chicago time, kids). Nothing a lot of coffee won’t fix. 

I finally broke down and bought one of those primary colored squishy neck pillows to help me doze on the way home. As long as my economy class neighbor respects the understood spatial boundaries of the seats and doesn’t muscle the armrest, I’ll be good.

I’ve seen some gorgeous weather and beautiful areas on my brief (Thursday until this morning) stay, but I don’t think I could ever live in Fort Myers…or Florida…ever. 

Why? Gators and panthers, of course. Apparently, gators walk around near lakes and other bodies of water at night. For some reason, I find the thought of coyotes prowling around in suburbs like Carpentersville more appealing.

As for panthers, I didn’t see one. But there was a sign on the road leading to the airport that said “panther crossing,” so I’m guessing that the big boys like to hang out/mix it up with the common people.

I’m exhausted. Night night

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