Eating like a convict

The cupboards were bare tonight, the very antithesis of the stocked kitchen on “Hell’s Kitchen” this evening (on a side note, I totally called Petrozza and Christine; so there).

I was desperate for one of life’s simple pleasures–a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The only bread I had in the pantry was the kind that was pockmarked with fuzzy green circles. I opted for the easy solution and ran down the street to my local 7-11.

There was no Butternut, Wonder, or Roman Meal bread to be found. For that matter, the store was also sold out of the “radioactive green” Incredible Hulk Slurpee flavor, replacing it with some kind of half-assed fruit punch blend. Grrr. James smash.

The only bread to be found on the shelf was made by Kreamo. Yes, Kreamo. I’ve never had Kreamo bread. Somehow, the idea of salami on Kreamo could never sound right to me. As for tonight, I simply wasn’t in a position to walk away. I had to have my PB&J. The Kreamo went home with me, along with a vitamin water and an instant lottery ticket (I didn’t win, but there’s always next time).

How was my Kreamo? Indistinguishable from Wonder or Butternut. Kreamo was practically dreamo. And the Smuckers and Jif that went on it? Transcendent.

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