Hello from Jacksonville, FL–miscellaneous thoughts

After spending the morning in Jacksonville on business, I’m currently enjoying a plate of nachos at the Jacksonville International Airport as I wait for my lift back to O’Hare. I didn’t visit Jacksonville long enough to get any sort of impression of the city, but I did have to drive over a giant suspension bridge coming to and going from my meeting. I hate bridges. I avoid the 90 Skyway whenever I can, because I’m always unnaturally afraid my car will end up rocketing off the bridge into the wild blue abyss (or worse, Gary). The Jacksonville bridge was scarier from a distance–I swear it jutted thousands of miles into the sky. It was mercifully painless when I drove over it, but I swore out loud the entire time to provide myself with comfort and distraction.


I suppose it’s strange to say that I really don’t read many books on music, despite my having written one (and almost finished rewriting it). I just read “Fargo Rock City” by Chuck Klosterman. He’s a very funny and very wise writer, and the book made me feel much better about buying tickets to see the Scorpions this Sunday night.

As I told my friend Marty, who I’m taking to the show, “The seats are okay, but it could be worse…we could be going to see the Scorpions.

What’s that?

Oh. Crap.”


After my review of “The Dark Knight,” I decided to buy the animated “Gotham Knight” DVD, which is supposed to bridge “Batman Begins” and “The Dark Knight.” I tried to watch it on the plane, but it was really boring. And very manga-looking. Pass.


I just bought the new Old 97s and Hold Steady albums. Not blown away by either yet, but I suspect they’re both “growers.”


I thought the beheading story from Canada was disturbing until more information came down yesterday about how the victim was partially eaten. Every time I think I should root for humanity, I remind myself that there’s really no point. Lost cause.

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