Back to work

Sigh. Blogging via Blackberry on the Brown Line, returning to work after a week off.

When a friend asked what I was doing last week, I explained that I was taking time off to hang out at home. “Oh,” he said. A “staycation.” I’d never heard that term before, but I’m pretty sure I hate it. If I had seen Mark McGrath last week, it would’ve been a “Sugar Raycation.” If I had been in Florida, it would’ve been a “Tropical Storm Faycation.” The jokes write themselves. A week on Halsted street? You can keep this going, if you’d like…

I’m a bit disoriented at the moment. When I take the Brown Line, I park at the Park & Ride at Kimball. I drove right past it today, completely oblivious. By the time I passed Montrose heading south, I thought, “Man, this is taking forever.” Then I realized what I’d done. Whoops.

Passing the Southport stop right now. Looking forward to the Belmont crunch.

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