Stuff, 9/10/08

Blogging from the Brown Line on a truly gorgeous morning here in the big city of Chicago…

Some thoughts on stuff:

I’m listening to “Green Grass and High Tides” by the Outlaws as I type this and enjoying it. I had a similar experience with “Gator Country” by Molly Hatchet over the weekend. Could this genre be unfairly maligned? Subject for further investigation: Freebird.

I’m flying to Atlanta on business for a few days next week and booked my flight through United. Before the great bankruptcy scare and stock freefall, the best seat I could get was in the last row, next to the lavatory. I logged on to United’s website during the craziness and managed to move myself up to Row 5, window. Thanks, stock investors!

I’ve never been much for television. I usually have one or two shows I like at a given time, but they always let me down (see also: Smallville, X-Files, 24). I find that the only shows I know much about these days are on the Food Network. I can’t tell you how very depressing I think that is. I actually found myself in a conversation this week where I said, “I’m guardedly optimistic about ‘Feasting on Waves,’ but I know it won’t be as fun to watch as ‘Feasting on Asphalt’.” I know the names of the Iron Chefs. I followed “The Next Food Network Star.” I’ve identified this all as a problem and I’m working to correct it.

One of the great never-made-it bands from Chicago (and,yes, there are many). Their song “Shut Up And Work It” just came up on my iPod; it’s one of the best working-class songs I know, and so very Chi-cah-go.

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