Blogging from Gate B3, awaiting the boarding call.

Some of the things I’ve thought about since arriving:

-Never fun before, checking bags is now way more miserable. In forcing flyers to pay for checked luggage, the curbside checkin has been made longer and as grinding as passing through the TSA security checkpoint.
$15 for my bag, really?

-O’Hare needs more dining options. The restaurants that are here have menacing lines coming out of them around the clock.

-I should get a Nintendo DS.

-The trade paperback of “Planet Hulk” isn’t worth its $35 price tag. Sorry, Barbara’s Bookstore at O’Hare–i just couldn’t pull the trigger.

-I always dread boarding. I fear two-plus hours sandwiched into the window by someone who’s either super-sized or rude. Or both.

-On a related note, why do people buy middle seats? I can’t handle them. I change my flight times when seating charts don’t go my way.

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