Waterlog, 9/15/08

Blogging in a cab on my way to O’Hare for a flight to Atlanta.

The weather is perfect as I type this–a few grey clouds are dotting the sky on a pleasantly cool day. It’s a reward for enduring the past two days, which were just plain awful.

The rain started on Friday, and kept coming. And coming. By Saturday morning, there was a drip coming from the ceiling of my home office. By Saturday afternoon, my basement which had never flooded since I moved in years ago was two+ inches deep with water.

Some stuff was lost–though nothing catastrophic (an autographed Abra Moore poster from 1993, for instance).
The worst part was hauling wet carpets and an impossibly bulky Shopvac up and down the basement stairs.

I’ve pinpointed the breach to the floor drain in my laundry room. It backed up with such force that it sent the metal drain grate flying up and off. After a day of cleaning and bailing, I wasn’t able to find it.

Now I’m sitting in a cab that reeks of cigarettes and b.o. to fly from one of America’s busiest airports to another of America’s busiest airports.

Rainy days and Mondays always get me down.

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