Georg-au revoir

Blogging from United flight 321, awaiting takeoff for home.

Atlanta was humid today, so much so that I prayed that I wasn’t going to arrive at my lunch meeting with giant sweat stains on my shirt.

For reasons I can’t comprehend, the airport was humid, too.
I was so uncomfortably warm after hanging out for a half hour, I bought a Braves shirt and changed in the men’s room. I have a truly cunning look going on right now–blue baseball shirt, khakis, and dress shoes.

Took Atlanta’s mass transit system, MARTA, today. There were a few stops, passengers, and moments on the trip when I felt as though I had intentionally placed myself in harm’s way.

Still, it beat what would’ve been a $45 cab ride.

Doors closing–leaving soon. Gotta power down…

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