Star Wars

Blogging from the brown line, happily back in Chicago.

The new issue of Entertainment Weekly jumps to the defense of George Lucas and the recent animated “Clone Wars” film. The movie was decimated by critics, and most die-hard fans weren’t interested enough to head out to the cineplex to see it (though they’ll likely DVR the Cartoon Network series).

“The Clone Wars” was, in all honesty, more entertaining than any of the three “prequel” films, which were insulting and torturous to watch.

Sure, “Clone Wars” was made for viewers under the age of 10. Sure, the animation style was clunky. Both points are made less relevant in the face of the reality that “Clone Wars” was more fun, less convoluted, and more universally appealing than anything we’ve seen with Hayden Christensen and an underused Samuel L. Jackson.

I’ve never thought much of “Star Wars” or the cultural phenomenon surrounding it. George Lucas released the right movie at the right time in 1977, and every day’s been payday for him since then.

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