The city by the lake

Blogging on my Blackberry from the Brown Line, just past Southport.

Welcome to Chicago’s new Renaissance.

The White Sox pulled it off last night, after a week of torture for their fans. The team begins their post-season play tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the Cubs walk into October play tonight.

Amazingly, both Chicago teams are in the playoffs for the first time in over a century.

Baseball aside, we Chicagoans are also staring at the very real possibility that the next leader of the free world may well (and hopefully) be a local guy.

And what about the ghost of Chicago future? I’m still trying to imagine what the Olympics would be like under the shadow of Chicago’s skyline. Granted, 2016 is far from locked;but as they say, it’s an honor just to be nominated.

Speaking of nominees, I’d hate to overlook former Chicagoan Tina Fey’s recent success at the Emmys. In addition to the “30 Rock” wins, Fey’s had one of the most successful comedy movies of the year (“Baby Mama”), and currently dominates YouTube with her recent, spot-on, portrayals of Alaskan moose-skinner Sarah Palin.

Though the Fey example is stretching my point about Chicago greatness, it’s a fact that the city is on a white-hot streak (dismissing, if you will, the recent study that named Chicago the most stressful city in America).

I think back to the 90s, when the Bulls were absolutely untouchable and the Chicago music scene enjoyed its most prolific period, well, ever. It feels like we’re entering another one of those memorable periods in the cultural history of the city.

The new look of the Chicago Tribune is clearly a topic for a later date…

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