Catching up on odds and ends…

It’s been a while since I blogged. Work and family distracted me from my regular vanity exercise, and much has happened since my last entry. A couple of quick notes about the past month:

November 4, 2008-We actually got it right. Holy crap. I was in Atlanta that night, watching celebrations in the street which lasted well past midnight. Totally remarkable to see.

I’ve never been optimistic about government—I born too late for JFK and lived through Reagan and a pair of Bushes—but this is as close as I can imagine myself coming.

November 14, 2008-I went to Toronto on a business trip, marking my third visit to the market. I absolutely love Toronto; it’s a big city on one of the Great Lakes with lots of tall buildings, varied architecture, and great restaurants. Upon further reflection, my affection is probably based in the fact that it’s very similar to Chicago.

November 29, 2008-My first trip to Kuma’s Corner, the metal burger joint by Belmont and Elston. The good: Anthrax played at an ear-splitting level over appetizers. The “Pantera” burger. The vibe. The bad: Waiting 75 minutes for my burger after the order was placed…at 5:45 in the evening. Lame.

Early December, 2008-I got hit with my first major flu/cold/general well-being f**ker-upper of the year. I was laid low for a week, which pretty wrapped up on Friday. I had laryngitis for a good chunk of the week, which made any kind of interaction a bit of a challenge.

Some movie thoughts:

”Quantum of Solace.” What a suckfest snoozer of a movie. The bad guy wants to control the Bolivian water supply? And somehow there’s a movie built around that?

“The Dark Knight.” Now that it’s coming out on DVD on Tuesday, I fully expect people to take a closer look at the effusive praise they lavished upon it over the summer. It’s. Just. Not. That. Good.

“X-Files: I Want to Believe.” I watched it while I was home sick last week. I want to believe in a possible X-Files franchise, but this movie fell short in every possible way. The pedophile priest psychic wasn’t even necessary to the plot. Take him out of the equation, and you have a sh**ty James Patterson novel.

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