Spare the Rod…

That warm feeling we Illinoisans were cozying up with after sending Barack to the White House? Iced over by the laundry list of corruption charges made this week against Governor Blagojevich.

The only thing worse than an arrogantly drunk-with-power and criminal egotist running the state is a an arrogantly drunk-with-power and criminal egotist running the state with a shitty haircut. On a related note, published an interview with a psychiatrist who explained that Rod’s haircut is symptomatic of delusional self-importance (paraphrasing here). Really, everything’s fair game in the Blago turkey shoot.

Abuse of political office and the public trust is certainly nothing new, especially not in the dubious history of Chicago politics. Still, I think we’d all like to believe that the higher calling of public service brings with it higher standards. Time and again, though, we’re reminded that politicians are just like the rest of us monkeys–driven by self-preservation, survival, and money. And in the case of some Senators, anonymous gay bathroom sex in airports.

Rod will be going away for a while, to that special “Governor’s wing” in prison that George Ryan helped build. When I was living in Ravenswood, Rod was running for his House seat. When I would leave for work in the middle of the day, I’d pass by his campaign billboard which read,”From our community, for our community.” It was run-of-the-mill political positioning; and as we’ve learned, not at all reality.

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