Trapped in downtown Chicago

I drove to work today. Dumbest move ever.

Travel times on the Kennedy from downtown to O’Hare are sitting between 3-4 hours. Lake Shore Drive is 90 minutes from Monroe to Hollywood. There’s no reason to throw myself into the stress-inducing mess that Chicago’s highways have become, so I’m sitting at my desk at work, biding my time.

My plan is to leave at 7:30, when (hopefully) the majority of rush hour commuters are closer to home. That leaves me eating dinner at the office, meaning I’ve hit the at-work meal trifecta. Every one of my meals, starting with yogurt and a banana at 8 a.m., has been consumed in the friendly confines of my place of employment. I’d find that depressing if it wasn’t such a comfortable alternative to being on the road right now.

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