Return to Kuma’s Corner

I had interminably slow service the last time I went to Kuma’s Corner, slow enough to keep me from ever returning. But that burger…that what-had-to-be one pound of beef on a pretzel bun, loaded with obscene amounts of over-the-top ingredients…lured me back there for lunch today.

Though just as crowded as my last visit, Kuma’s was a bit more subdued–even comfortable–during the lunch rush.

My party of five’s food came out fast and our waitress was great, though none of that really matters for this story. What matters is the burger I ordered.

I had the Goblin Cock (did I mention that every burger is named after a metal band?), a burger topped with a split hot dog, bacon, cheddar, relish, sport peppers, and mustard. It was an orgy of meat (which you’d kind of expect from a Goblin Cock), a cardiac traumatizer on a plate.

It was magnificent.

Next time I go to Kuma’s, it’ll be for lunch and I’ll be ready for the Bongzilla, a Sheboygan brat on a burger.

Keeping it metal on the Brown Line,


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