Operation Music Digitization

One of my goals for my seasonal “staycation” (I still detest the word, but for some reason am using it here) is to continue my ongoing efforts to archive my CD collection onto my terabyte drive. I’m still stuck in the As, and have learned some distressing things about my collection over the past week:

1) I own every Tori Amos album. I fucking hate Tori Amos.
2) I own an Athenaeum album. I don’t know if they have more than one, but I’m positive that the one I have is more than society needs.
3) Arrested Development was overrated.
4) At the Drive-In remains superior to Mars Volta and Sparta.
5) AC/DC is still one of the greatest rock bands ever.
6) Armageddon Dildos should never have covered Morrissey. Their name also is nowhere near as clever as I bet they thought it was when they came up with it.
7) I prefer the John Bush Anthrax years to the “classic” ones with Joey Belladonna.
8) I’m going to be a very old man by the time I’m done with this.

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